Casual Work Style


My work ensembles almost always consist of a cute pair of jeans. I adore denim (especially the destroyed kind) and anyone that has peeked in my closet would agree. My work style is pretty casual unless I am seeing client. Those are the days you will see me in a totally profesh looking ootd. I have a new love for over sized button down tops! I have a nice collection that I tend to wear often. I feel like I am always trying hard not to have these on repeat.


I am currently in the market for a new handbag. As you know this is my very favorite bag ever! Which is why I wear it always plus it goes with everything! You can create your own one here Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram.

My top is from F21 it was a clearance rack find BUT I found a similar  Military Shirt and its on sale for under $20!

My jeans are a current obsession and they are also from F21. Perfect price point for the finger ankle denim trend! Under $40! You can’t beat it. Frayed Denim Ankle Jeans.

My shoes are the ones I showed in my latest YT video. Kate Spade Licorice Pump. I linked the Nordstrom site because they are currently on sale!

Tomorrow is Friday TG!

xx. LV

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