Laser Hair Removal w/ Body Details: Best Decision Ever!


So let me tell you about one of the best decisions Iv’e made as of late… Laser Hair Removal!

I like most of you had heard about going hair free but it wasn’t until about six months ago that I finally pulled the trigger. The number one thing that put me over the edge was having 5 o’clock shadow 2 hours after shaving. The worst  areas for me were from the knee down and under my arms. There wasn’t anything that included me being in a swimsuit, shorts or tank top that didn’t require an annoying prep time. Even laying in bed on nights I hadn’t shaved was embarrassing, I knew my hubby could feel my prickly legs although he never said anything… LOL. ((Insert side eye emoji))  So I booked an appointment at my nearest  Body Details, they have locations all over South Florida which makes it super easy to get to one near you. Check out all Body Details Locations and find one that is most convenient for you. You can even  find one near work and get it done during your lunch hour for you busy bodies.  At my consultation, Alexandra was incredibly informative, answered all my questions and gave me info from what type of laser would be used to how it actually works to leave you skin smooth and hair free.She showed me around their beautifully clean  facility and introduced me to the tech that would be performing my upcoming treatments. Hats off to the staff, there is nothing I admire more about a business then the attitude and attentiveness of their staff. Body Details certainly has that hands down pat!  I knew then that this was something I definitely wanted to go through with. After my first session I experienced significant reduction in hair growth which made me a very happy camper! About a couple weeks after each session you start shedding the hair that was in the area. A good tip for in between sessions is to exfoliate the skin not shave. You will find that the hair will come right off, especially after the 2nd session onward. I have had 5 sessions so far and my skin has been the smoothest its been yet! Hair growth is very scarce now. I will keep you posted on my progress guys! I cannot wait to be 100% hair free!

If you are considering Laser Hair Removal you HAVE to check them out. Online Body Details or by calling  866-708-8645

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