Winter in Miami #ootd

img_1207 img_1208Consistency is definitely a goal of mine this year. I always try and think what I should be writing about on my blog, it seems that other bloggers have it so together, creating themes for each blog post. Most of the time I don’t, I just have a passion for everything I like to share with you all and that is ok. Sometimes I’ll ramble on about a particular topic and sometimes I’ll just make it short and sweet.  The point is I am no longer going to choose not to post because I haven’t done a shoot for that particular outfit or if I don’t feel like going on that day.I am a mom that has a million things on my plate and this is my creative outlet where I love to escape. You probably won’t see fancy pictures in crazy locations because truth is I don’t have the time and I know most of you understand that. Thank you for always supporting this endeavor it is truly humbling how many of you follow me on my journey and show me how much I have inspired you. Truth is if I ave inspired you even a little bit that means the world to me. To all my fellow mommies out there who write to me and tell me how I have inspired them to throw out their sweats and trade them in for skinny jeans, I LOVE you, remember you always should strive to feel your best not for anyone but yourself. Confidence in yourself is the biggest turn on remember that!

xx. LC

Leggings, Moto Jacket and Boots are from New York and Company

Top is from the juniors collection at KOHLS
img_1209 img_1210

Shoes: Got them during a holiday sale and are sold out :( I’m sowry. Jcrew check some out maybe you’ll like another pair.

Pants: Are Zara

Blazer: Lauren Conrad Blazer at Kohls

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